Monday, October 5, 2009

Behold Wild Man Jesse's Wild Diet

The following list of foods and caloric content for today October, 5, is pretty close to my usual diet. But before I go into the list, I should mention that about four to five days of the week I am at school or work for part of the day and while there I usually consume trail mix, protein bars, bottled water, and the occasional diet coke. However, when I am home, as was the case today, I will eat various things until I am full.

This morning I woke up and ate a more than moderate-sized bowl of a generic, "pre-made" Captain Crunch cereal with skim milk and water as a drink. Cereal ~ 160 Cal; milk ~ 60 Cal; water ~ 0 Cal; Total ~ 220 Calories.

I took an hour nap because the person I was tutoring in accounting cancelled, and when I woke up I had a peanut butter and waffle sandwich, with maple syrup on top, and water to drink. The peanut butter is actually "home-made" by the local Publix, and therefore has basic ingredients. The waffles were Ego, and made partially from whole grains. The maple syrup is pure maple syrup, not the imitation. Peanut butter ~ 150 Cal (; waffles ~ 190 Cal; maple syrup ~ 110 Cal; water ~ 0 Cal; Total ~ 450 Cal.

When I returned from another tutoring session, I made myself some form of culinary dish with groceries I had just purchased, and drank a cup of green tea. Medium shrimp ~ 100 Cal; canned yuca ~ 550 Cal; asparagus ~ 25 Cal (; eighth stick of butter ~ 50 Cal; Serrano chilies ~ 10 Cal (; lemon juice ~ 0 Cal; half cup of water ~ 0 Cal; cup of green tea ~ 0 Cal; Total ~ 735 Cal.

*Note: I usually eat similar food to this, except that I'll eat a large bowl of rice in place of the yuca, and I would estimate that similar calories would be consumed.

After that meal, I kept handy a glass of water, that originally had about 16 oz. and also a cup of black tea. Each contain negligible calories.

I ate a quarter of a package of pumpkin seeds purchased from Walgreen's ~ 160 Cal.

Shortly after, I ate an average sized banana ~ 110 Cal (

For dinner my mother prepared a tuna wrap, and I still drank water. The tuna was canned, the tortilla came packaged, as did the cream cheese. The mayonnaise was from a jar. Tuna ~ 140 Cal; tortilla - 210 Cal; cream cheese ~ 140 Cal; mayonnaise ~ 40 Cal; carrot, celery, onion ~ 20 Cal (; water ~ 0 Cal; Total ~ 550 Cal.

For dessert I prepared a sundae. I used two different cookies from Pepperidge Farms, Brier's all natural vanilla ice cream, and the dreadfully "in-organic" Hershey's syrup. Two cookies ~ 210 Cal; ice cream ~ 130 Cal; chocolate syrup ~ 50 Cal; Total ~ 390 Cal

The rest of the night I only took in water ~ 0 Cal.



Not too bad, considering that the nutritional facts on the back of almost every food says that one should consume up to about 2500 calories per day. And this was actually a pretty good day, in an alimentary way, at least. I think I eat quite a bit less on work days and days when I spend a lot of time at school.

I try to eat a variety of things, and usually consume whole grains when possible. I also enjoy different vegetables and have been on a hot pepper kick in recent times. I believe that my whole grain and vegetable choices are sustainable, and I generally go for inexpensive seafood, which is moderately sustainable, though I'm aware that there are problems there as well. Basically I steer away from red meat and pork. I like beef, but it's not necessary all of the time. I'm to understand that beef utilizes a lot of resources, so I feel that I am not taking advantage of that. I'm sure there is much water and other chemicals being used to grow some of the more generic grains and vegetables I consume, such as high fructose corn syrup, carrots, onions, peanuts, unbleached wheat flour, etc. I do my best to eat healthfully and conscientiously while keeping within my budget.

Until I become a big time accountant, this is probably how I will continue to eat. I think that once I have the means, I will endeavor to eat a larger majority of certified organic foods.

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